How e-signing can transform your business ?

No matter how much the world changes, some processes stay constant. We may file taxes online, complete financial paperwork digitally and email or text most communications, but one stamp of identity that is still required when closing any major deal is the personal signature. The individualized series of loops and squiggles that encompass our identities has been the mainstay of a done deal since the start of modern civilization. People need to imprint their mark to make a transaction official, but even that ancient process is now going completely digital.

Paper and ink signatures are losing power for several reasons. They’re inherently insecure and can be easily forged, duplicated, lost, or stolen — all without anyone realizing for days or weeks. The cost and process of printing, faxing, scanning, overnighting and storing paperwork is also high and cumbersome.

Electronic signatures retain the value of signing without the many security and time compromises of paper. Digital representations of physical, handwritten signatures can be signed directly onto mobile or tablet devices with a finger or special pen, making them easy for anyone to do. – Read more & Source

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