USB eTokens for DSC

  • It is secure Device, used specifically to carry Digital Credentials of individuals and is primarily used for Two Factor authentication.
  • A virus cannot affect USB eToken, and the digital Certificate stored would always be secure.
  • USB eTokens were created for security, and they are used extensively for 2 Factor Authentication.
  • USB eTokens offer military grade security and the contents are also encrypted internally.
  • In USB eToken when you insert the eToken, it automatically copies the certificate to the browser and when you remove the eToken it automatically removes the certificate from the browser.
  • The Private key never leaves the eToken and signing takes place within the eToken itself. So, the security is guaranteed.
  • USB eToken are specifically used for secure storage, so the data reliability is higher in eToken.
  • Aladdin eToken has been in the market for over ten years, and we have been supplying product purely based on quality. So, when aclient gets an eToken, it is assured that no corners have been cut, the product in his hand is the best money could buy.
  • Where as in eToken, it is simply storing un-signed cheque book in your vault.

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